Team Offense

Our initial objective will be to get campers to understand in box lacrosse it is crucial to shoot with your hands to the middle of the floor. Standard alley dodges and sweeps likely won’t score with a high percentage. We will harp on the campers playing sides of the floor with the lefties on the left and the righties on the right with the intent to get to the middle of the floor.

Substitution Pattern

Substitutions are a big part of the box game, and subbing effectively can help generate good offense and prevent fast breaks for your opponent. We will teach campers exactly how and when to sub on and off of the floor.

2-Man Game

Offense in Box lacrosse is predicated on the 2-man game. We will cover all of the ins and outs of the 2-man game including picks, re-picks, slips, and much more.

Shooting in close

A major difference in box lacrosse is that offensive players must get close to the net to have a better chance to score, and outside shots are not as effective as they are in field lacrosse. We will teach campers how to finish in close on a smaller goal with a much bigger goalie who will take up the majority of the net. Learning these skills are a vital part of being an effective offensive player in both box and field lacrosse.

Team Defense

A big difference in the box game is that everyone on the floor has to play defense. Our campers will be taught the basic principles of team defense, as well as on-ball defense.

Goalie Play

The goalie position is the only one in box lacrosse that does not translate over to field lacrosse. The goals are smaller, the goalies wear much more padding, and the game is much faster. We will provide plenty of box goalie equipment sets for any of our campers to try if they are interested. Playing box goalie is a fun change of pace to regular goaltending, and our campers will learn all of the fundamentals of playing box goalie.

Mini Tournament

The primary goal of our camp is to make our athletes better! They will learn all the skills and principles needed to excel in the game of box lacrosse. We will then give our campers the opportunity to compete against each other in a mini tournament on the last day. This will give our athletes the opportunity to utilize some of the new skills and concepts they learn throughout the week, as well as a chance to play true box lacrosse and have some fun!

Our camp seeks to teach our athletes values, as well as box lacrosse skills. Each camper will be taught:
  • Sportsmanship: Showing courtesy and respect to opponents, coaches, teammates
  • Teamwork: Learning to work with and help teammates
  • Dedication: Demonstrating care for the team, the sport, and performance
  • Improvement: Working hard to develop skills, to learn and to get better
  • Hustle: Giving your best effort all of the time
  • MVP: Never losing your cool and rising to the occasion under pressure